Possible Trump Indictment

Published on 19 March 2023 at 20:27

As we apparently come up on the historic probability of an indictment of Donald Trump (for any or all of his various alleged misdeeds), I have several thoughts:

#1: Who am I to have a political opinion? Who am I not? As an American, I have every right to my opinion, just as you do. Should I share it? That’s the better question. We like to put down athletes and celebrities for having opinions, yet in many ways they are more experienced and worthy of being listened to than the average person (you and me!). Of course, if that person supports your opinion, they are a hero.

#2: I have had obviously Right-leaning friends try to shame me by saying “nobody is talking about Trump any longer; why are you?” Well, those of us who are not his supporters (the clear majority, in other words) do not want to forget. His supporters, I’m sure, would love it if the Left (and most of the middle) conveniently forgot about him and didn’t show up on election day. He (and his endorsees) is not truly done until we keep voting him out and he is finally labeled a “loser.” We wouldn’t have this problem today if he had just faded away like political losers usually do.

#3: I’m sure you know I am not a Trump supporter; in fact, when he says, “America will not stand for it [his indictment],” I answer, “the clear majority will not only stand, we will stand and cheer for it!” But regardless of how I personally feel, as an intelligent, thinking person who loves his Country over her leaders, I do not take the issue lightly. I don’t wish for it because I don’t like him; I wish for it IF he is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a crook. I WOULD FEEL EXACTLY THE SAME WAY IF A DEMOCRAT PROVED TO BE THE SAME. Being a crook (or not) should not be a political issue. It is only so because Trump so clearly hides behind and riles up his supporters.

#4: The Right says an indictment would send the wrong message to the world. Let me ask this: what kind of message do we send the world if we let a proven crook (again, IF it is proven) get away with it? That a strong man is above the law and can do as he wants? That sounds like a lot of dictators we have read about in history—and support for him makes it sound like a lot of folks WANT a dictator. No wonder the clear majority of us think he is a “dictator-wannabe.” I could see Countries that are battling their own Right-wing thugs taking our historic example as encouragement.

#5: I’ve heard people say they have friends in Europe who adore Trump; my answer to that is “of course, there are Right and Left wingers all around the world!” I have friends in Europe who think Trump is a crook! Neither proves a thing! It is just another talking point to show how superior they feel. I’ve also heard folks say, “everyone I talk to loves him.” They obviously don’t have the same social group as I do! I still have friends on both sides; I try not to insult, and I am careful with who I argue with. I value friendship over politics, or at least I used to.

And another point on this line: when Trump says that “Americans love him,” there should be a disclaimer that says such and such percentage of Americans love him. The clear majority do not. I refuse to believe that I am somehow inferior as an American, either because I am not a supporter, or that I am “woke” (thank you for calling me that by the way, if you do; there is no greater compliment!).

In conclusion, “what I want” is for justice to prevail. I personally believe Trump is guilty on many and various counts, but I am biased; I would admit that bias if summoned for jury duty. What we need is for an unbiased court to determine his innocence or guilt. Either way, we need to do what is right for him and our Country. And for God’s sake, don’t go joining some stupid violent protest over it! Prove that you are an intelligent, clear-thinking adult!

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