Hi, my name is Ron Hinkle; you might know me from my music blog, The Banjo Snob. I have tried very hard to avoid political commentary on that site, thus this new blog. I also try very hard not to have political thoughts in the first place, but who can help it today?

I also tend to do a lot of soul searching; my banjo blogs have contained a bit of that because so much of my self is invested in the banjo. I believe that my personal issues have been the major limiting factor in my musical development, and I'm trying to find my way through the clutter to become a better, more expressive and emotional musician and human being.

I share personal thoughts because it helps me in my search and personal recovery, plus I hope that someone else has the same thoughts and will find comfort and inspiration in my writing.  

I mean only to encourage and participate in the great discussion that is life. I welcome intelligent and thoughtful comments, for or against. If you disagree with me, explain why! Who knows, I may just change my mind! I am doing this to learn after all. I do not pretend that my thoughts and ideas (or even beliefs) are set in stone. Along with "staying neutral," my life's goal is to be open-minded and eager to learn new things or new ways to think about things.

I DO NOT welcome idiotic, one-sided bullying argument! YOU WILL BE BLOCKED! Having said all this, I don’t rightly care if anyone ever responds or reacts in any way; I just needed an outlet for my inquisitive and over-active mind. I feel better already! 

So please, check out the other pages, and especially the blogs.